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  1. What happens if I just pay my court costs?
    That is not advisable.  You are pleading guilty to the charge and in most cases will cause your insurance to increase as a result of added driver’s license and insurance points.
  2. My license was suspended how will I get to and from work or pick up my children from school?
    In some cases in which a license has been suspended the Department of Motor Vehicles will issue a limited driving privilege for such things as driving to and from work, medical appointments, emergencies, etc.  However, in order to obtain a limited driving privilege you need to meet the following requirements:
    • Proof of valid insurance coverage.
    • At the time you were convicted, you had a valid license that was not revoked.
    • If your license was suspended because your license expired, it must have been expired for less than (1) year.
    • Once a limited driving privilege is issued your license can not be revoked or suspended for any other reason or your limited driving privilege will become null and void.
  3. What are insurance points?
    Driver’s who plead guilty to a traffic offense are assessed insurance points that results in the insurance company charging a higher insurance premium for a minimum of three years from the time you are convicted.
  4. What are driver’s license points?
    Driver’s license points vary depending upon the offense.  For example:

    • Littering involving a motor vehicle – 1 point
    • Failure to stop for a siren – 3 points
    • No liability insurance – 3 points
    • Running through a stop sign – 3 points
    • Speeding more than 55 mph – 3 points
    • Failure to yield right of way to a pedestrian pursuant to NCGS 20-158(b)(2)(b) – 4 points
    • Reckless driving – 4 points
    • Hit and run, property damage only – 4 points
    • Passing a stopped school bus loading or unloading children – 5 points
    • Aggressive driving – 5 points
  5. Is there anything I can plead guilty to that does not have any points?
    Yes.  Below is a list that the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles provides of convictions that do not carry any points:

    • Carrying concealed weapon
    • Failure to display current inspection certificate
    • Illegal parking
    • Improper plates
    • Improper registration
    • Over loads
    • Over width/height and/or length
    • Unlawful display of emblems and insignia
    • Improper muffler
    • Improper display of license plates or dealer’s tags
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